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Join the Fight for Fifteen and Justice!!!

Do you work for less than $15 an hour or minimum wage?
Today, a growing number of people are working for low-wages and in insecure jobs. Full-time work is no longer an escape from poverty.

Are you able to “get by” each month with what you earn?
Working full-time (30 hours or more per week) in a low-wage job means living in poverty as defined by Canada’s poverty line (Low-Income Cut-Off).

The campaign for a $15 minimum hourly wage has made important gains for low-wage workers across Canada and the US.

Why we need $15
In order to meet basic needs, a wage of $15 per hour and full-time employment is the minimum requirement.

The minimum wage in Canada has not kept up with the cost of living. For example, in 1980 a worker receiving a minimum wage had to work 4.4 hours to pay for a bus pass today, it takes 7.8 hours.

In addition to a $15 minimum hourly wage, workers need strong unions, stable jobs, safe work conditions, paid sick days, and respect at the workplace.  In support of these needs, the Immigrant Workers Center is endorsing the Coalition Against Precarious Work’s demands:

  • Access to basic labour rights, social and health services, regardless of immigration status
  • Government regulation of placement agencies through licensing and joint responsibility of the agency and the employer for working conditions to allow workers to effectively complain against abuse.
  • End discrimination against domestic workers through giving them full access to CNESST coverage including health and safety protection.
  • Good Enough to Work. Good Enough to Stay! Open the permanent residence program in the framework of the Quebec Experience Program for all temporary foreign workers.

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