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Current Events



1. Women and the Workforce Workshop

This workshop is an introduction to women’s rights as they relate to labour, making connections between global issues and local struggles.

Some of the themes that are covered are:

  • Basic Labour Standards
  • Family Responsibility Rights and Benefits
  • Gender Discrimination
  • Harassment (Sexual and Psychological)
  • CSST Claim (Worker’s Compensation)
  • Undocumented Work
  • Placement Agency Issues
  • Maternity Leave
    Pay Equity

2. The Fight for Fifteen Campaign Workshop Series

Part 1: Information session. This workshop is an introduction to the “Fight for Fifteen” Campaign, which aims to raise the minimum wage to $ 15 per hour in Quebec.

Part 2: Developing leadership and strengthening community solidarity. The second part of this workshop is focussed on recruiting members, building alliances, developing
the leadership of workers and strategies to strengthen solidarity and reach our demands. This workshop also aims to prepare workers to deliver workshops within their own communities and/or workplaces.

If you, or your organization, have interest in attending or having our team animate, a workshop please email us at iwc_cti@yahoo.ca


Friend us on Facebook for all the latest news and events, facebook.com/Fight.For.15.Quebec

Endorse the Campaign

By endorsing the campaign you are agreeing to your name and/or organization’s name being displayed on the Endorsements page.

For more information or to pledge your endorsement Contact us

Volunteer with the Campaign

Let us know how you are interested in helping with the campaign by emailing us at capw.Fight.For.15@gmail.com with your first and last names and email address or phone number.

Buy a Button

Show your support with a campaign button, here’s an Order Form.

Pay with PayPal [post link to PayPal – can create button through PayPal with order form – would be more convenient]



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