And “justice!

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However, the minimum wage increase does not solve all workers’ problems. A guarantee of a dependable number of working hours, strict and fair applications of work standards across all workplaces, and strong union support are examples of what we need. Under « justice », we demand a decent life in addition to $15 minimum wage.

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The Fight Against Inequality and to Build a New Solidarity

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Income Hoarding By The Wealthy Is What Harms The Economy!

The increase of inequality is sounding alarm bells worldwide, including in Canada. As of 2012, the top 13% of after-tax income in Canada goes to the top 1% of income earners, while they took 8% in 1986. In addition, an enormous sum of $100,000 is added to their income each year through the private corporations that they control. According to Statistics Canada, in 2014, the average annual salary of the top 100 Canadian CEOs is $8, was deposited in overseas bank accounts to avoid taxes that very same year. Continue reading

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Why Do We Need An Increase In Minimum Wage?

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If a decent life is our right, then our government should guarantee the income necessary to attain that basic standard of living. In the case of Quebec, setting the minimum wage is the provincial government’s responsibility. Therefore, the realities of daily life necessities should be reflected in the minimum wage that is guaranteed to all workers as a basic right protected by law. Continue reading

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Myth Buster

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Myth # 1: Raising the minimum wage will raise the unemployment rate.
In January 2014, 600 economists (including 7 Nobel Prize) wrote to President Obama to explain the importance of increasing the minimum wage. Many studies conducted in recent years are clear: increasing the minimum wage has little or no effect on the employment rate, even in periods of economic downturn. In fact, research shows that increasing the minimum wage would have a “stimulating” effect on the economy. (Source: Economy Policy Institute, 2014). Continue reading

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